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Provided Top Notch Service

Michael and Howard provided top notch service. They were very helpful and honest with the whole process of finding a property that best fit our needs. We would recommend them to anyone!

image01Justin R. | Tenant - Carmel Valley | Google Review | June 28, 2017

Outstanding Service on My Property

With over ten years of outstanding service on my property, Howard and his team have been absolutely perfect. By far the best property management team I have ever seen. Prompt service, solid tenants, and not a single delinquency. Rapidly found new tenants when old ones moved out. When the time came to sell, Howard got me several offers in an astonishingly short period of time.

image01Edward H. | Owner - Chula Vista Google Review | June 22, 2017

Always Professional, Accessible, Responsive and Helpful

We used SDPPM for many years to manage our single family home while we lived out of State while completing a military career. Howard Boehm and Michael Stone (and previously also Howard's daughter Julie) were always professional, accessible, responsive and helpful. We could not have asked for better service and we didn't worry about the house at all. Thanks to them for a great job, and they have our highest recommendation.

image01Chris D. | Owner - Scripps Ranch Yelp Review | April 13, 2017

Great Property Management Group

This is a great property Management Group! :)

image01K. Won. | Tenant - Sabre Springs Google Review | April 10, 2017

Amazing Services for Property Owners

SDPPM offers amazing services for property owners. They have managed two homes for me, and I have always received the best service. Of utmost importance to me is the caliber of the tenants. Howard and Michael bring qualified renters who take good care of the property and pay rent on time. Communication with SDPPM is great, and monthly statements and deposits occur like clockwork.

image01Sharman N. | Owner - Rancho Bernardo Google Review | February 4, 2017

Highly Recommend SDPPM

I highly recommend SDPPM for rental and real estate sale in the San Diego Area, Howard and his team have exhibited the best services for rental and sale of my townhome at SD, I used their services for over 10 years and took their help in the sale of my townhome, I experienced smooth transactions as the owner of the property and the tenants have also mentioned they had a very good experience with SDPPM with quick turnaround for any fixes that needs to be done. Thank You SDPPM.

image01Mihir G. | Owner - Otay Ranch Google Review | August 5, 2016

High Level of Professionalism

I literally couldn't say enough great things about the team over at SDPPM. Howard Boehm and Mike Stone are a couple of stand up guys that really bring a high level of professionalism when it comes to property management. If you're a home owner rest assured your property is in great hands and if you're a tenant you could do no better than to have these guys as property managers. I'd give them more stars if I could. Really.

image01John C | Owner - San Carlos Yelp Review | June 1, 2016

Best Guys in the Industry

I literally couldn't say enough about the folks at SDPPM. Howard Boehm the owner is in my personal estimation one of the best guys in the industry and Michael Stone his assistant is right on par as well. We've rented with SDPPM for almost two years now and have to say that their professionalism is truly a step above the rest. Our requests for service have always been responded to within 24 hours along with the fact that they have a fully automated online portal to place the requests and pay any rent or fees that might be due. Whether you are someone who is looking for a quality property to rent or if you are a property owner looking for a strong trustworthy firm you can direct your business towards... SDPPM is the place to be and I am happy to have been able to connect with them.

image01John C. | Tenant - Otay Ranch Google Review | May 11, 2016

Honest and Fair

SDPPM did a good job. they were honest and fair with me as a tenant. provided needed maintenance via a great handyman and his team. whenever something would need repair they would dispatch him, we would organize a convenient time and they would get it done. Also kept up with annual needs of changing filters, checking on fire alarms, cleaning out Washer/ Dryer, etc etc. they recently established an online way to pay your rent that is super convenient. know the owners of the unit I rented were happy with them as well. easy access. responsive. detailed. good company. they did a good job and I took great care of the place, but was the first time I got 100% of my deposit back so they were very fair with me as a tenant. cheers SDPPM. wish I was still renting from you in that awesome condo!

image01Justin W. | Tenant - Downtown San Diego Yelp Review | March 29, 2016

Finds Good Tenants

I used to take care of my rental property myself. Now that SDPPM is managing it, I have saved myself tons of time. Howard Boehm and his crew find good tenants who pay on time and take good care of the property. Expenses for repairs have been minimal and SDPPM charges a fair, current market rate, so I also benefit financially. The small fee I pay is well worth the money.

image01Sheila B. | Owner - El Cajon Google Review | Nov 4, 2015

Perfect Partner .. Military Family

I am writing this review to share the great experience it is to be a tenant of San Diego Professional Property Managers. When I found this lovely cottage I jumped and shouted for my wife to get over and see the place. She loved the place immediately. One call and I was told that it was available. After a pleasant experience with Michael were able to move in and we were said we were soooo lucky to get the place. We soon found that the lucky part was having Michael at San Diego Professional Property Managers looking out for our every need. Thank you Michael. San Diego Professional Property Managers has been a perfect partner to have as a active duty military family...

image01Duffy S. | Tenant - La Mesa Google Review | April 15, 2015

Excellent Service

Excellent service. We've been tenants for 2 years in La Mesa. Whenever we have any issue with the property, we send them an e-mail, then we get a call right away from the manager. Michael Stone has been our favorite property manager, he is always ready to help! If I had a property to rent, this company will be the right one. Great job!

image01Sandra H. | Tenant - La Mesa Google Review | April 15, 2015

Always Responsive

As you know, you managed our property in San Diego for two and a half years and even though we have had two renters our property was rented with virtually no interruption. You and your staff were always responsive to our requests and questions about payments, repairs and the general condition of our property. In every case we had a good understanding of each situation. You were always obtainable when we needed you. If any repairs need to be made you handled them on a timely basis and we never have to get involved. Your monthly statements were always on time and accurately presented. When we communicated that we were returning to San Diego you were able to work with our renters to accommodate our schedule so that we could take possession of the property on a very timely basis...

image01Harold & Pat H. | Owner - Mira Mesa | Letter

So Helpful and Courteous

I have been a tenant, of a property that they manage for about 2 1/2 years now. SDPPM is prompt in helping take care of ANY and ALL of my needs with the rental. They have been so helpful, and courteous in assisting us.

image01Charlie R. | Tenant - El Cajon | Google Review

SDPPM is Professional and Reliable

This is my second time using SDPPM. Both times as a tenant. Each time has been a great experience. I'm tired of flakey apartment complexes and super flakey people on Craigslist. SDPPM is professional and reliable! Howard was very helpful and explained everything! After lots of searching I returned to SDPPM. No regrets!!!

image01Jill K. | Tenant - Rancho San Diego | Yelp Review

Professionally Handled Everything

Howard and his staff managed our property for many years. We had a horrible experience with our previous property manager. Howard and his staff took it over under difficult circumstances. They managed the property for many years, handling everything without a problem. When we were ready to sell, they stepped in and helped us there too. Howard helped us find a real estate agent, and handled all of the issues with the tenant through the sale. As we live quite a distance from the property, I appreciate the way they professionally handled everything.

image01Laura F. | Owner - Mira Mesa | Yelp Review

Great Experience. Highly recommended!

I moved to San Diego with the military and stumbled onto a property leased by SDPPM. Being fairly new to the renters world, I was skeptical, asked a lot of questions, and was probably a handful. Mike and the SDPPM team were incredibly respectful, took care of every issue, always returned emails and phone calls promptly, and were such a pleasure to work with. When I needed to move last month, there was no hassle about giving more then 30 days notice, no hassle about whether or not I'd get my deposit back or any red tape. From start to finish, this was a great experience. Highly recommended!

image01Martin P. | Tenant - UTC Area | Yelp Review

Superior Service and Professionalism

If you're looking for a great property management company in San Diego, check these guys out at SDPPM for superior service and professionalism. Inquiries, issues or assistance is addressed immediately with courteous responses and direct action. I've worked with them for the past 5 years and they have consistently earned my very highest rating.

image01Eva S. | Owner - Rancho Santa Fe | Yelp Review

Very Pleasant Experience

I am writing a review as a prior tenant. Boyfriend and I stayed at one of their units in del mar and it was a very pleasant experience working with Michael. Right when we moved in, the apartment was filthy. When we called Michael he sent out a cleaning crew few days later. He's very accommodating and quick to respond. We broke the lease and thus had $600 deducted from our deposit but received the rest of the it sent to us.

image01Grace L. | Tenant - Carmel Valley | Yelp Review

Definitely Recommend Them

We rented a property from SDPPM for 3 1/2 years. They were always professional and quick to respond to any needs that came up with the property. We would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to rent a quality home in San Diego!

image01Bill H. | Tenant - San Carlos | Yelp Review

Great Customer Service

I rented an apartment through SDPPM for almost 3 years. They were very responsive and understanding throughout my entire time renting from them. Great customer service, very kind owner and manager, and the people who they hired for maintenance requests were very timely and professional. I requested that they touch up some of the paint in the apartment when I first moved in, and they took care of it immediately.

image01Michele R. | Tenant - Carmel Valley | Yelp Review


I've used various property managers over the years, and BY FAR THE BEST has been SD Professional Property managers. Howard and his staff know their business and execute quickly. When it comes to getting repairs done, or quickly finding the best, most reliable new tenant, or ensuring that an HOA is informed with changes being made, they are utterly reliable. Howard will always, in my experience, go the extra mile to ensure that all the oh-so-important details are taken care of. Finally, I had one of the SDPPM leases reviewed by one of my attorneys, and he was very impressed with the tightly worded clauses in their leases that cover many items other property managers miss. I doubt anyone in SD county can find a better professional property manager than SDPPM!

image01Keith F. | Owner - Rancho San Diego | Yelp Review

100% Happy With This Company

SDPPM has it together. They have managed our property in San Diego for the past 5 + years and we have never had any sort of issues. They inform us of any problems right away. We have always had our place rented, no lapse in rent. They answer your calls, emails ..etc.... they are on it! I have had other rental companies in the past and they can't even compare to this one. I am 100% happy with this company .. give them a try, I know you will be too.

image01Tracy M. | Owner - Little Italy | Yelp Review

Great Experience With Them

Rented my previous apartment through SDPPM for 3 years and must say I had a great experience with them.  Michael is pleasantly laidback, easy to coordinate with, and quick to respond to maintenance requests.  They get the job done and cut out unnecessary formalities that you might run into with more uptight property management companies.  The only unusual thing I encountered was that they required me to hire my own professional carpet cleaners during my move-out (which only cost me $130 anyway), BUT they did give me my entire deposit back!

image01Sheena Q. | Tenant - Mission Valley | Yelp Review

Very Professional Organization

Howard and Julie managed the rental of my condo in RB for a number of years. Very professional organization. Detailed monthly statements and checks always showed up like clockwork. Maintenance items were handled with a minimum of hassle, and fees were reasonable. Allowed me to be a hands-off owner. If I ever decide to rent out the condo again, I'll call Howard.

image01Dana & Theresa L. | Owner - Rancho Bernardo | Yelp Review

Great Company to Work With

A great company to work with. They were very nice and always prompt to fix any issues that we had while renting from them.

image01Victoria H. | Tenant - San Diego | Yelp Review

Thank You and Commend You

I want to thank you and commend you for the services you have provided my family over these last few years. When researching for a property manager in the San Diego area I chose your firm because of your in-depth and professional reply. I was not disappointed in my choice. During the years of property management you handled everything professionally: leaving me without worry or concern. When it came time to sell the property you represented the Trust honestly and effectively. Again, Howard, I want you to know how very much I appreciate the way you handled all the affairs associated with the Kellogg Street property.

image01Penny D. | Owner - Point Loma | Letter

Pleasant, Honest, Easy to Get a Hold of

I rented through them for 4 years in two different rentals. They were pleasant, honest, easy to get a hold of and professional. I also was able to get a good amount of my security deposit back from both rentals. (Of course I cleaned the place so it looked better than when I moved in).

image01Ariel O. | Tenant - Del Mar & Mira Mesa | Yelp Review

Professional, Efficient, Timely

I have used San Diego Professional Property Managers, specifically Mr. Howard Boehm, to manage my rental property since 1994. The management of my rental house has always been conducted in a very professional, efficient, timely, and positive manner by SDPPM. Mr. Boehm has consistently handled any tenant issues independently, to my great relief, but at the same time he's never failed to communicate with me as to the problem and its solution. I have never experienced any difficulty in contacting him- he either was in the office or if I left a message he would return my call the same day. The tenant application screening procedures used by SDPPM were very effective and resulted in only one tenant change in my 9 years of being a landlord. I would highly recommend San Diego Professional Property Managers to anyone who owns rental property.

image01Linda G. | Owner - Alpine | Letter

Mike... Was Awesome.

My husband and I lived in a townhouse managed by SDPPM and we absolutely loved it. Mike, the guy who showed us the property (and the guy I turned to anytime we had an issue) was awesome. Anytime we had a problem it was always fixed promptly and at no additional charge. EVER. We also got our entire deposit back despite the few bumps and scratches left behind. I would definitely rent through them again.

image01Lindsey S. | Tenant - San Carlos | Yelp Review

Wholeheartedly Recommend SDPPM

I wanted to send along this letter to extend my sincerest appreciation for your help over the years in managing my property in San Diego. I would wholeheartedly recommend the property management services of SDPPM and the brokerage services of Boehm & Boehm Real Estate. Your reliable, professional, and efficient handling of the day-to-day issues associated with renting, maintaining, and selling this property were invaluable. Indeed, keeping up with this property from my remote location in Texas would not have otherwise been possible. You were always a phone call away and able to resolve unforeseen "plot complications" as soon as they arose. Once again, thank you for the excellent service. Had I the option to do it all over, I would again choose SDPPM and Boehm & Boehm Real Estate!

image01Gregory J. | Owner - Mira Mesa | Letter

Would Gladly Use His Services Again

San Diego Professional Property Managers managed a rental property for us for a period of 6 years. We contacted a few rental property agencies that served the East County. The most impressive aspect of SDPPM was that each and every time we phoned, we were able to speak to Howard Boehm directly. This continued to be the case throughout our 6 year relationship. There was never a problem contacting Howard directly day or night. The tenants have been excellent and the property has been well cared for. Howard took excellent care of our property and handled all minor repairs. Financially speaking, we never had to worry about the balance in our account. The funds were always handled properly. This alone provided us with a great peace of mind. We highly recommend Howard Boehm of SDPPM and would gladly use his services again should the need arise.

image01Cary S & Rebecca V. | Owner - El Cajon | Letter

Hard Work and Dedication

Just a short note to thank you for all your hard work and dedication in the management and eventual sale of my San Diego property. Being so far away it is of great comfort to have someone as accessible as you on the job. There was not a time when I called that you did not answer the phone personally. This type of owner accessibility is rare and greatly appreciated. At first I was a little uneasy about living so far away from my rental property but to my surprise I had absolutely no problems thanks to you! Thank you again for all your hard work and I look forward to doing business again in the future.

image01Chris T. | Owner - San Diego | Letter

Positive Experience with SDPPM

SDPPM managed my La Jolla property for the past 7 years while I worked out of town. They were contracted first by my employer as part of a relocation package, but I had such a positive experience with SDPPM that 3 years later when the employer bowed out I personally continued with SDPPM for the next 4 years. In essence, the property became hands-and worry-free for me. SDPPM managed all aspects of the property, including securing tenants, deposits, repairs, and communication of issues of any kind. I found SDPPM readily available for any queries or issues I had, even though I was out of town. All transactions were well documented in accurate form without fail. Any issues were dealt with in a timely and professional manner.I take great pleasure to offer this positive referral for the services of SDPPM.

image01Armando M. | Owner - La Jolla | Letter

Professional and Friendly Service

I wanted to take a moment to write and thank you for the excellent service we received over the past, almost three years. We have never owned a rental before and the prospect of managing one was foreboding. We considered the prospect of managing the house ourselves, but fortunately, chose to enlist your services. I truly believe that the fees you charged were more than recovered by the way you managed our house, located and maintained excellent tenants. We have recommended your services to others in the past, and would be continuing to use your services had we not gotten into the business ourselves. Again, thank you for your professional and friendly service.

image01Greg & Jan C. | Owner - Casa de Oro | Letter

Thank You for the Excellent Job

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent job you did for us, both in the management of the rental and in the sale of the unit this past month. Acting as our rental agent/property manager, you were correct in that if you were able to place well qualified renters, there would never be a problem with collection of the rent. It appears that you have the ability to screen good renters and yet find them in a timely manner. I never had to get involved in anything, which was great for me since I work in Mexico, and therefore dealing directly with the renter would have been difficult. You were responsive to our needs, knowledgeable of the recent changes in the real estate law, and also mindful of the buyer requests. Again, thanks, you did an outstanding job for us. I will keep you in mind and recommend you to others who need expert real estate help.

image01Ronald W. | Owner - Point Loma | Letter

Honest and High Integrity

This letter is to state that Howard Boehm with San Diego Professional Property Managers has rendered outstanding service over 8 years. He also effectivity negotiated the sale of my San Diego property with all terms and conditions completed satisfactory. I have no hesitation in recommending Howard Boehm as a competent and reliable man. He is very honest and has high integrity. He promptly returns calls and resolves problems in a very professional manner. Howard has extensive knowledge of all property management issues and laws regarding real estate.

image01Andrew M. | Owner - San Carlos | Letter